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Chin Augmentation in Dubai

Chin Augmentation in Dubai

Chin Augmentation at AIG Clinics Dubai

What is Chin Augmentation?

Chin Augmentation, Enlargement, or Mentoplasty, is a surgery performed by inserting a chin implant to enhance the facial profile to be more symmetrical.

How does Chin Augmentation work?

AIG clinics plastic surgeons carefully analyze your chin fold and make a small incision inserting an anatomical formed implant. The implants are made to fit in perfectly with your natural jawline. There will be no visible scars after the surgery. The implants could also be done from inside the mouth, but at AIG, we prefer the external method because it is more anatomical compared to the inside mouth method. The in mouth method is smaller and not tapered, which could look unnatural unlike the anatomical version.

What material are the implants made of?

The anatomical chin implants used at AIG are made out of pure silicone which has been used for over a hundred years with an excellent success rate.

Are there any complications after a chin enlargement?

There will always be possibilities of complications in any surgery such as infections, numbness, or rarely a misplaced implant. Infected patients can be treated immediately with antibiotics, if it continues the implant is expelled and repeated after a certain amount of time. The numbness feeling could go on for a maximum period of 4 weeks.

Does the Chin Augmentation surgery need anesthesia?

Chin Enlargement or Chin Augmentation could use local or general anesthesia depending on the surgery and if it is combined with a nose surgery or a face lift.

How long is the recovery period after Chin Augmentation?

Usually the recovery period after a Chin Augmentation or a Chin Enlargement takes 5 days to be able to remove the stitches, and up to 4 weeks after the surgery to completely recover.