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Dr. Sandra Kozak

After finishing her medical degree (MD), post graduate studies and master degree in healthcare and hospital management, dr Sandra kozak’s attention was drawn to Aesthetic medicine. So she pursuited a top notch training in Aesthetic medicine. She obtained both a US and UK degrees and has been working in this field since. She gained during her training extensive knowledge of the facial anatomy, allowing her to perform the most cutting edge minimally invasive techniques in facial rejuvenation. Dr Kozak is totally transparent and confidential concerning all medical procedures. Patient’s satisfaction is her ultimate goal. All questions are welcomed and answered. Only premium products are used in our clinic (having FDA approval and/or CE marking) which are the best in the market. The patient will benefit from this new exciting field where the needle is progressively replacing the scalpel. At our clinic we truly appreciate beauty at its best. And the most appealing beauty is of course the most natural looking one. That is why we aim on restoring what is lost or changed with aging, so you will regain what is already yours. Even enhancing some features that will be a welcomed change every time you look into the mirror.

Speciality :

Aesthetic and anti-aging medicine