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AIG Clinics & associates medical centers offer its clientele the latest innovations in aesthetics medicine, plastic surgery, most advanced dermatology and skin care treatments with a comprehensive variety of cosmetic treatments both invasive & non invasive

The Group consists of state of the art clinics uses the most advanced technology in all its procedures by world class team . Our team of professionals are recognized as being amongst the finest in the region and focus on providing the highest level of warm, personal patient care. Recognized for setting high standards of surgical precision and artistic flair since 2012, AIG Group is committed to staying ahead of the curve by bringing the latest in aesthetics and treatment.

Why AIG Group?

World Class

Our hand-picked team of professionals exhibit exceptional artistry and skill in every procedure they perform.

Latest Equipment and Tools

We offer a wide range of cutting-edge clinical equipment that provides the highest level of health and safety to our customers.

Customer Satisfaction

We offer the best in care and treatment leaving our clients with the most satisfying and gratifying realizations with a unique journey

Our Services

Everyone can find something to their liking within our range of elite state-of-the-art procedures.which span from traditional plastic surgery to minimally invasive face and body procedures.

Functional Medicine & Anti Aging

Non-Invasive Body Firming & Contouring

Powerful and Proven Results

While everyone is unique, we, at AIG Group, are committed to doing whatever it takes to guarantee the best results for you!

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We are situated in three different locations in Dubai

AIG Clinics – Jumeirah

GIA Clinics – Al Manara, Dubai

Wellness Avenue – Nad Al Hamar