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Body Firming & Contouring in Dubai


Body Firming and Contouring

Body firming and contouring Surgery at AIG clinics Dubai

What is Body contouring and why body sculpting is used?

Body contouring and body sculpting remove fat, shape body parts, and tightens skin. A lipolysis is a non-surgical option that uses cold, heat, lasers, and other methods. Surgical options include wrinkles, lifts, and liposuction. Body contouring or body sculpting is a medical or surgical procedure intended to reshape areas of the body.

People choose body sculpting to look and feel slimmer or to achieve a particular shape. They are often used on specific parts of the body when there is no difference in diet and exercise. It can also improve skin such as sagging, sagging, and wrinkles associated with natural aging.

What are surgical procedures for body firming and contouring?

  • Mark the site preoperatively
  • Place yourself on the operating table and perform a safety check with nursing and anesthesia.
  • Administer anesthesia – local or general – on a procedural basis.
  • Clean and prepare the skin at the surgical site.
  • Make incisions (cuts) in the skin – these are based on the procedure to be performed.
  • Trim, place or shape the tissue and excess fat to achieve the desired look. Muscle strain during a tummy tuck is common.
  • Cut away excess skin.
  • Liposuction alone or in combination with other procedures to remove excess fat.
  • After completing the procedure, close all incisions.

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