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Reduce Water Retention


Reduce Water Retention

Fluid Retention Treatment at AIG clinics Dubai.

What is fluid retention?

Fluid retention is also called edema or water retention. It occurs when a part of the body becomes swollen due to the buildup of trapped fluid. You may have fluid retention if:

  • Swelling or swelling under the skin
  • Skin looks or feels firmer or brighter
  • The skin buckles when pressed or does not recover after several seconds of pressing
  • Discolored skin
  • Pain in limbs and joints
  • Weight gain
  • Noticeable enlargement of your abdomen

How is fluid retention treated?

Treatment depends on the cause - talk to your doctor. Many people will find that their fluid problems improve with more exercise, a healthy diet, alcohol consumption, and reduced salt intake. Some people have been prescribed drugs called diuretics to help the body get rid of excess water through urine increase. If the fluid is only part of the body, some relief may be obtained from Wearing compression garments, Stroke towards the heart to massage the tissue, Elevate the affected area above the heart if possible, Exercise as recommended by your doctor.


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