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Skin Booster in Dubai

Skin Booster

Skin Booster Treatment at AIG Clinics in Dubai.

What are Skin Boosters & its Benefits?

Skin Booster is an injectable treatment designed to deeply hydrate the skin. They are sometimes called skin quality injections because they promote natural glow and radiance. This is a relatively new therapeutic concept that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is especially appealing to patients looking for a fresh, natural look in their anti-aging treatment.

The most common use for skin boosters is facial rejuvenation. However, this is a versatile remedy that can be used to treat various skin areas. Neck, cleavage, back of hands. It can also be used in difficult-to-treat areas such as: B. Tighten the skin under the chin (RRS), inner upper arms, inner thighs, knees and abdomen.

How does the skin booster work?

  • substance that occurs naturally in the skin and has an amazing ability to retain moisture. However, it decreases with age, causing sagging and sagging of the skin, resulting in a dry texture.
  • Deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid microinjections restore moisture to the skin, improving elasticity, firmness and radiance.
  • It’s not like applying a moisturizer – the injection penetrates deeper and can last longer.
  • Applying the mesotherapy technique of small injections, the process of delivering skin boosters also triggers repair and tightening mechanisms in the skin itself, improving results.
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