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Men’s Health

Men’s Health

Men’s Issue treatment at AIG clinics Dubai

What is Men’s Health?

It’s important that men play an active role in maintaining their own health. Keeping up with regular health care activities promotes long-term health and well-being. For example, health experts recommend sticking to a schedule for men's checkups.

Certain tests and screenings are recommended for men of various ages from 18 to her 65 (and older). Many health checks, such as blood pressure and depression, can be done during regular physical exams.

Other tests must be scheduled separately. Men have an increased risk of many types of cancer, including prostate cancer, colon cancer, and lung cancer. By following screening guidelines, doctors can detect these cancers as early as possible. This is the key to optimizing treatment outcomes.

The role of testing in men's health

Proper medical examination is one of several important components of men's health. Screening, diagnostic, and surveillance tests are available depending on the situation.

  • Screening: Screening is the medical term for looking for potential problems before symptoms appear. For many diseases, screening leads to early detection and makes the problem easier to deal with.
  • Diagnosis: Diagnosis is the process of identifying the cause of a problem after signs and symptoms have appeared. Different tests are used for diagnosis, depending on the symptoms.

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