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Arm Lifting and Thigh Lifting Surgery in Dubai

Arm Lifting and Thigh Lifting Surgery in Dubai

Show off your slim and toned arms and thighs at AIG Clinics Dubai!

What is an Arm and Thigh Lift?

An Arm Lift, or Brachioplasty, is a process that eliminates saggy or loose skin while removing the fat in the upper arm to restore the beauty of tighter skin.

Thigh lifting is an operation that removes fat and excess skin in the thighs or upper legs, after the process, laser liposuction could be done to tighten the skin further to the patient’s preference.

Benefits of Arm and Thigh lift Plastic Surgery

  • Look perfect by tightening and defining your arms and thighs.
  • Eliminate saggy skin through contouring arms and thighs.
  • Boost your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Look young again with tighter skin.
  • Removing or tightening excess skin caused by major weight loss.
  • Fast and guaranteed procedure.

What is the difference between Arm Liposuction and Arm Lift?

Patients that have thicker skin caused by fat are recommended to do an Arm Liposuction, whereas patients that have saggy skin which is loose will need to have an Arm Lift to eliminate the looseness of the skin. This process is solved by a Brachioplasty.

Thigh Lifts give tighter thighs which improve the appearance of the legs giving them a unique and toned shape.