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Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in Dubai

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in Dubai

Get an Hourglass Figure with a Brazilian Butt Lift at AIG Clinics Dubai

What is Brazilian butt lift?

Brazilian butt lift surgery is the enlargement of the buttocks giving it a firm and lifted shape following the trend and fashion, Brazilian butt lift surgery in Dubai, UAE is often mixed with a breast augmentation surgery to match the perfect body shape.

You can get the curvy and exotic body goals you need no matter what age you are, there is no age limit for a butt lift, however if the patient is too thin we might ask them to gain some weight before the surgery for the most optimal results. A butt lift will add volume to your buttocks and raise it to a more prominent position greatly improving the shape and size of your buttocks. AIG clinics guarantee that clients will have an instant satisfaction.

Benefits of a Brazilian butt lift surgery

  • Firm and round shape
  • Exotic feel
  • Lifted buttocks

The benefits of liposuction which are included in a Brazilian butt lift

Liposuction is part of the Brazilian butt lift procedure. The lipoplasty surgery helps in adjusting the unneeded fats in different parts of the body and injecting them into the buttocks for a more exquisite shape.

AIG’s plastic surgeon specialists are known internationally for their successful surgeries on many influencers and famous icons. Dr. Mucio is among the top 100 surgeons in the world. AIG aims to provide the best surgeons in Dubai to give ladies a round and firm butt making her look younger and sexier.