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Increasing Muscle Mass


Increasing Muscle Mass

Increasing Muscle Mass at AIG clinics Dubai

What is the purpose of increasing Mass Muscle?

Studies have shown that our muscles develop bigger and stronger from the time we are born into the world until around age 30. Sooner or later, after we turn 30, Sarcopenia (muscle decay) sets in, and we lose bulk.

The BodyTone is a remarkable muscle conditioning gadget that utilizes bio-electric energy heartbeats to practice different muscle gatherings to forestall muscle decay. In addition, the BodyTone will fortify shape and weak tone muscles through muscle re-education and help recapture and modify bulk.

What treatment is used to increase muscle mass, and how is it done?

  • BodyTone is an FDA-approved treatment that utilizes bio-electric energy to practice different muscle gatherings.
  • Medicines are speedy, requiring around 30 minutes. After a progression of medicines, you’ll get results within 6-10 weeks.
  • BodyTone is a harmless strategy that invigorates muscles by utilizing waveforms to accomplish muscle development.
  • Numerous body areas can be treated in one setting, making the treatment powerful for muscle chiseling and conditioning.
  • While you might feel negligibly sore procedure, you’ll commonly feel back to ordinary in 72 hours or less!
  • BodyTone conveys strong outcomes that can be kept up with after some time for proceeding with muscle strength and definition.

Muscle disarray is expected to increment bulk and keep your muscles developing. BodyTone utilizes a progression of restrictive waveform examples to decisively change your muscles’ size, shape, and tone.


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