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my skills but also to plan ahead for the clinic I would build myself. Thus, in 1,5 years I assambled a clinic in Nişantaşı and expressed myself as Doctor Çelik, both in the art society and dentistry communities.

Keeping in mind that each patient carries the potential to be a positive reference, I handled every work I had with extra care and gave full attention no matter how big or small the cases were. I had my mindset on making my business, the name Doktor Celık, one of the most prestigous in the industry. In time excelling in every field in dentistry, Esthetic dentistry is the one I am truely passionate about. This is because every human being is a work of art, and as every artwork they deserve the best recognition. Hence, my passion towards art lead me to this kind of field.

Every patient who has decided to be treated by me received a work of art in the form of esthetic dentistry which is the most satiesfying event for me. Still to be a member of the American Dental Assosiation and the Turkish Dental Assosiation is one of the most respected institutions that I have gained. To the question how I do my job with passion my response is ‘’Do first, do best, change everything’’.

My main principle is not only to treat my patients to please them but also to increase their life quality. To me, dentistry is not only about eliminating problems in terms of health, but also maintaining a happy and prosperous life without aesthetic concerns. A nice smile is everyone’s right; however the key point is to complete your case by achieving the most superior result and to sent the patient home with a bright smile. In order to gain and to maintain my patients trust, I keep my sessions very interactive allowing them to acknowledge the procedures they are undergoing.

The closer a physician approaches his patient, the more positve feedback he receives. Due to this reason it is not only enough to understand the patients needs, but also to listen to their concerns and to give them an objective solution.

Dr. Eyup Celik Expertise